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5x Great Grandparents 
mar: 18 Nov 1756
5x Great Grandparents 
4x Great Grandparents 
mar: 1 Aug 1793
4x Great Grandparents 
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The DAVY family seem to have originated in Lifton (Devon). John and Elizabeth DAVY lived at Carly (a farm / hamlet North West of Lifton), and were apparently well off. Their grave (see below) is in a prime location just outside the church door.
In the 1790's, their children Henry and Elizabeth married siblings Susannah and Walter WEEKES. The children of these marriages (first cousins) then married each other (John and Susannah DAVEY married Susannah and John WEEKES). This makes drawing the family tree and describing relationships very difficult (!). For example:-
Susannah WEEKES married to become Susannah DAVEY. Her daughter Susannah DAVEY married to become Susannah WEEKES. Whilst her neice not only had the same name change as her aunt (Susannah WEEKES to DAVEY) but also became her aunt's daughter in law.

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