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2x Great Grandparents 
2x Great Grandparents 
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Mary MAHANY is the biggest 'unknown' in this family tree.
On the birth of her son Walter John WEEKES, she declared herself "Mary WEEKES formerly MAHANY", this was not true, as the father (Dr. John WEEKES) had married his cousin in Devon seven months earlier
In Jan 2011, a previously unknown Australian cousin contacted me with information that Dr. John and Mary had had another child (Zena Mary), 3 years before Walter John. This helped identify Mary on the 1871 and 1881 censuses, and confirmed she was Irish, but provided little other new data.
On Dr. John's will, he left all his estate to "Mary MAHANY" (wife Ann not even mentioned).
These are the only pieces of evidence I can find for Mary.

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