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4x Great Grandparents 
4x Great Grandparents 
4x Great Grandparents 
mar: 10 Dec 1797
4x Great Grandparents 
3x Great Grandparents 
mar: 10 Jul 1820
3x Great Grandparents 
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The identification of William and Mary as the parents of Susannah, is very tentative. Certainly there was a Susannah baptised in Southwark Cathedral in 1795 (parents William and Mary) but there is no evidence to confirm this is the same person who married in Clapham in 1820, and then went to live in Kingston upon Thames (where on one census she gave her birthplace as Walworth, which is near Southwark).
The marriage of William to Mary HODGES is interesting because it took place in Kingston upon Thames. Is this a clue or just coincidence ?
N.B. the witnesses on Susannah's wedding are James and Elizabeth DAVIS - this further confuses the research because I cannot find either name associated with the family in Southwark, or Kingston.

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