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The only record found for the WHILLER family is the marriage of daughter Janet (aka Jessie), which declares her father to be a pensioner called John, living in Edinburgh. Apart from this the name does not seem to exist an any Scottish records, making research extremely frustrating!.

To further confuse the research, on the death certificate for William and Janet\'s son Frederick (Edinburgh 1912), his mother\'s maiden name is given as GLASS, I cannot find any explanation of this, apart from a simple mistake, as the name WHILLER is mentioned many times in relation to William and Janet, including being a \'given\' name to son Jonah.

Janet\'s death is also a mystery, as there does not appear to be a record for it (between 1851 and 1861), even under the surname GLASS. When son Frederick married in 1858, Jessie McLEAN witnessed the marriage (however this could be Frederick\'s sister Janet/ Jessie, rather than his mother). By the time of the 1861 census, William was a widower.

Further confusion is that there is one reference to Janet being WHEELER. Could it be that WHILLER is just WHEELER with a Scottish accent ?.
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4x Great Grandparents 
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3x Great Grandparents 
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