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8x Great Grandparents 
mar: 27 July 1670
8x Great Grandparents 
6x Great Grandparents 
mar: 30 Oct 1757
6x Great Grandparents 
5x Great Grandparents 
mar: 29 Mar 1770
5x Great Grandparents 
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The name NORTHCOTT appears twice in the WEEKES family tree, although there is no obvious connection between the two.

NORTHCOTT family Ancestors(1) - Anne NORTHCOTT
(no further information is known about Anne - however there is mention of a Richard NORTHCOTT selling land to the WEEKES family in 1553). There were also property deals between John NORTHCOTT (a butcher) and Anne's son John WEEKES between 1706 and 1756. All these transactions took place in or near Chagford DEVON.

NORTHCOTT family Ancestors(2) - Richard NORTHCOTT
Mary and William`s marriage took place in Thrushleton. Mary's parents appear to be Richard NORTHCOTT and Elizabeth BECKLE, however if this is correct, Mary was very (very!) young when married. It is possible that she was baptised late (perhaps waiting for her parents to marry first?) however there is no proof of this
Mary's granddaughter Thomasine WESTLAKE married Anne's gt gt gt grandson Walter WEEKES.

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