Rowner Lock
The Southernmost lock on the Wey and Arun Junction canal - home of the Baverstock Family throughout the life of the canal

Rowner Lock in 1800s

Then and 2002: Above Rowner Lock and cottage as the BAVERSTOCK family knew it. Below view over the partially restored lock in 2002 (Lock Cottage is long gone). Also view from where the cottage was, looking back over the bridge/ lock.

N.B. the above sketch was made from approx. where the electricity pylon (which spans the canal bed) is.

Rowner Lock today View of Rowner Lock
More Views taken 2006
Both views taken looking towards the location of the lock cottage (as in Victorian sketch above).
From in front of the pylon

The vegetation on the right prevented getting exactly the same view as in the sketch above.

from the other bank towards the cottage location

View from the other bank (opposite where Janet is sitting in the picture left)
Lock Cottage was in front of the tree

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