STANTONs from Ripley - Relationships

The family tree from 5x gt William to myself (and cousins) is well documented, with Birth Marriage and Death entries from Parish registers and Civil Registration, supporting census and other information. Prior to that there were no census's or Civil registration, so relationships must come from Parish Registers/ Records and other sources (wills, muster rolls etc.). Therefore some of the links in the tree beyond 5x are 'probable' rather than certain, I have tried to indicate below how confident I am in each link.
N.B. All these records occur in or near Ripley in Surrey:-

5x gt William - there are two Williams, either first or second cousins. The correct one, is presumed to be the son of James STANTON for two reasons (1) he named his second son (4x gt) James (after grandfather) and (2) because the other William (son of Hannah) is not mentioned in his mother's will (when he would have been 9, his younger sister is mentioned), so its seems reasonable to presume he had died young.
William married (first) Sarah WOODS (who appears to have died after the birth of their only child), and (second) Ann GWINN, who was the mother of 4x gt James.

*Highly Probable*
6x grandfather James: Up to this time, there were no other James's in or near Ripley, so his baptism (father William) fits perfectly to be the correct James.
James married Susannah MASSEY in 1734, they had five children including a William.

*Highly Probable*
7x grandfather William was a blacksmith and appears a great number of times in the Parish records for Ripley (mostly as a church warden). He appears at exactly the correct time/ place to be the son of Thomas STANTON (who also had eight other children including a son called Thomas). Although this does not actually prove this is the correct William, 7x William did have a brother called Thomas.
William (and Alice CLOWSER) had eleven children including both a William and a James, this is the first occurrence of James in this family, so reasonably identifies 6x James as his son.
N.B. Alice's father's will is the only confirmation of her maiden name (naming his daughter as Alice STANTON), otherwise the only reference to her is William's will (just as Alice), all the children are recorded in the Parish Register as just "son[or daughter] of William"

8x and 9x grandfathers (both Thomas) - the will of Thomas "snr" indicates he had a son called Thomas (therefore "jnr"). This corresponds with 10x William's will, which names both.
Either Thomas jnr lived to a great age (probably c90), or there is another generation (also called Thomas) here. I am assuming he lived to a great age, because he married twice (widow when he married Margaret TUNNELL, first wife unknown).
He and Margaret had (at least) nine children (according to a combination of his will and parish records). One of these children was called William, and another was a third generation of Thomas's, this conforms with the details known about 7x William.
That Thomas snr was the son of 10x William is assumed because "right time, right place"

10x grandfather William's will indicates a son called Thomas and also a "Thomas" jnr, these appear to be the next two generations. This conforms with the details known about 8x and 9x grandfathers.
Williams's wife is not named anywhere.
William is mentioned as "deceased" on his father's will, which also names his children.

11x grandfather George's will, mentions his wife (as well as his mother and daughter) being called Agnes. The will also describes George as an "Innholder". This fits perfectly with a description in the Court records, for the parish, of George and brother Thomas as Innkeepers of the Talbot and George Inns in Ripley. George's son William died shortly before his father, and the two wills correspond on the names of siblings, and William's children.
N.B. this Agnes was Agnes DAWE. Between her mother writing her will, and the will being proved (less than a year), Agnes had changed her name to STANTON, thus giving an approximate marriage date.

12x grandparents William and Agnes are mentioned in their son George's will (which therefore links 12x, 11x, and 10x generations.

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