This is the Last Will and Testament

Of Charles Baverstock of Wisborough Green in the County of

Sussex Lock Keeper first I desire and direct all my just debts funeral

expenses and testamonary charges to be fully paid and discharged by my

executors hereinafter named I give devise and bequeath unto my son

Charles Baverstock and my son in law James Stanton all and every my

messuages or ?????????? lands and ?????????????? whatever and whosoever

wh????? In possession ????????? ?????????? or ?????????? and also my

houshold goods and furniture chattles credits and personal estate of what

ever nature or kind the same may be which I may be possessed of at

the time of my decease To hold my said son and son in law their heirs

executors administrators or assigns respectively upon the trusts for the

??ials and purposes hereinafter ?????? and expenses that is to say

Upon trust that they my said son an son in law their heirs executors

Or administrators do and shall ?????? ???? in and ????? all such parts of

My personal estate as shall ???ist of money or securities for money

And convert into money ?????? such parts thereof as my wife Jane Baverstock

Shall ??ust to retain for her ??? and do and shall lay out and invest

The moneys to arise as aforesaid in his or their name or names in the

Public stocks or funds or upon government or real securities at interest

And as to all my said trust estates and promises the life of my said

Wife Upon trust to pay the dividends interest ??? or yearly proceeds thereof

Unto and for the benefit of my said wife and her assigns during her life

For her and their absolute use and benefit and from and immediately

After the decease of my said Wife Upon trust that they my said son

And son in law Charles Baverstock and James Stanton their heirs

Executors or administrators do and shall absolutely make safe and and

Dispose of my said messuages or ???????? lands and ?????????????? and

Also such part of my personal estate as shall not have been before

Disposed of by one or more sale or sales by public auction or by private

??????? and either together or in parts for such ???? or ????s as he or they

shall think proper And the money to arise from such sale or sales and

other my trust estate and promises in trust for all and every of my children

Mary Butcher Ann Brook Sarah Hampshire Esther Stanton Elizabeth

Simmons Charles Baverstock and William Baverstock equally share and share

alike to and for their own absolute use and benefit and that each one be

paid his or their share within six month after my decease should my

wife Jane Baverstock die before me and if she should outlive me ?? six

months after her death and I ?????? that my children shall have ??????

interest in my said trust estate and the share of any ???? who shall

die before his or her share shall have been actually paid or made over

to him or her shall be ??????????? to his or her personal ????????

??????? ???? the ????? or ???????? of my said ?????? their heirs executors

and administrators respectively for the ?????? money of my said trust

property or any part thereof shall be a good and sufficient discharge or

good and sufficient discharges to the purchaser or purchasers thereof or any

part thereof ??? that after obtaining ??? ???????? ???????? ???? ???????

??? or purchasers shall not be obliged to set to the application of such

purchaser money or be ????????? or accountable for the misapplication

or nonapplication thereof or any part thereof And I do hereby ????

that it shall be lawful for my said son and son in law their executors

and administrators to reimburse himself or themselves any ??????? he

or they may be put unto in the execution of the trusts of this my will

and that he or they shall not be answerable or accountable for any

involuntary loss which may happen to my said trust moneys and

promises but only for his or their own ???? ??????? ??????? ????????? or ???

disbursements And lastly I hereby nominate and appoint my son Charles Baverstock

of Wisborough Green in the County of Sussex and my son in law James

Stanton of Cranley in the county of Surrey joint Executors in trust of this

My will thereby revoking all former wills by me made In witness whereof

I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of October one

Thousand eight hundred and forty six ----- Charles Baverstock

Signed Sealed Published and ??????? by the said Charles Baverstock the

Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us

who in his presence ?? his request and in the presence of each other ????

hereby subscribe our names as witnesses --- Charles ?????? ??????

Matthew Caffin




Whereas I Charles Baverstock

of Rowner Lock in the parish of Wisborough Green in the County of

Sussex having made and executed my last will bearing date the thirtieth

day of day one thousand eight hundred and forty six and by this codicil

made this second day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty

nine do declare that my last will ????? so far as to a ????? or

charge of my property which I have by the said will given to Anne

Brook my daughter and the wife of George Brook of ??????? in the

parish of Godalming in the County of Surrey but now deceased ????

being dead my will and meaning now is that her share of my property

shall be paid by my trustees to her son James Brook my grandson ????

the death of his father George Brook And hereby give and bequeath ????

unto him accordingly and should the said George Brook ???????? ??? ???

will and meaning is that my trustors do ???? the ???? ????? ?????

????????? the share of the said James Brook safely at interest and pay

the said interest as it ?????? but to the said George Brook during his

natural life and I hereby give and bequeath it to him ??????? ?? ????

should the said James Brook die before his father unmarried that his share

shall be divided equally between my family the same as the other parts of

my property at the death of George Brook. And I hereby declare this ????

Codicil to be part of my last will and have hereto set my hand

????? testator Charles Baverstock his X mark We whose Names

are undersigned signed our names as Witnesses in presence of the Testator

made his mark Matthew Caffin ---James Briggs



Appeared Personally James Briggs of Billings-

hurst in the county of SussexMiller and made oath that he is one of

the subscribed Witnesses to the codicil to the last Will and Testament of

Charles Baverstock otherwise Beverstock formerly of Rowner Lock in the

Parish of Wisborough Green in the county of Sussex Lockkeeper but late

Of Alfold in the County of Surrey Gentleman deceased the said codicil

Being now hereunto ??????? and bearing date the second day of February

1849 And having now carefully inspected the said codicil he the ???????

further made oath that the said deceased duly executed the said codicil

on the aforsaid day of the date thereof by making his mark at the ??

and of Matthew Caffin the other subscribed witness thereto both of whom

were present at the same time and thereupon subscribed their names to

and attested ???? ??? execution of the said codicil in the presence of each

other and of the said deceased James Briggs On the twenty sixth

day of February 1852 the said James Briggs was duly sworn to the truth

hereof before me -- ????????????-- ????????????????



Proved at London with a codicil 6th March 1852 before ?????????

Worshipful Thomas Spinks Foxton of Laws and Surrogate by the Oaths

Of Charles Baverstock herefore the ?????? the son and James Stanton

The executors to whom Admin was granted having been first sworn duly to





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